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Medikey is a tool that addresses today's challenges of opening links in medical devices including plug to pvk, hose connections, dialysis couplings, 3-way cranes and various links to peripheral and central vein catheters. The caps and links to the pvk are often present


well stuck and you usually use an artery pin or peel to loosen the cork. Not only can this seem intimidating to the patient,


but it can also cause discomfort or pain. In the worst case, it causes damage to the venous catheter, which causes change and further discomfort to the patient.


When using Medikey, the plug or coupling can be safely and easily loosened without the risk of discomfort. It is environmentally friendly, recyclable and manufactured for single use. It is available in different colors and can be used as a distraction for children while disconnecting a connection hose.


Range of use:

  • Open plug and lid for PVC and various other couplings
  • Suitable for contrast fluids and more gentle tweezers
  • Medikey is a medical aid device that can be used by hospitals and healthcare services both public and private.




Medikey Information Brochure

Download here (2,7MB) (Norwegian content)


We know that some users use hemostatic forceps to unlock the plugs. In addition, we learn that this is being used in several patients. This poses a high risk of infection. The advantage of Medikey is that it is one-time and thus avoids contagion risk. It is also made of environmentally friendly polypropylene and is designed so that it does not grasp the skin of the patient. It is easy to handle with one hand grip and fits all known plugs to various peripheral and central vein catheters.


Statement from anesthetic nurse


Medikey is a small plastic key specifically designed to open / loosen the plug on the pvk. Inside the key's circle, there are small ticks that grip around the plug. By tightening the grip around the ends of Medikey while turning around, the plug will loosen. No use of forceps that twist, scissors or anything else. Medikey's design makes it easy to enter the intravenous hose as needed. Medikey is a CE-branded, unilaterally disposable product. Cheap in purchases, always at hand and safe to use.


Rano-Erica Henden


Former department nurse, Sterile Station, Sørlandet Hospital Kristiansand

I have been lucky and have tested Medikey, and I just have to say that it is brilliant. It is designed specifically for the purpose and does the job effortlessly. The principle is simple and the use becomes very simple as well. It has multiple purposes and does not cause harm to the patient or equipment. Because it's a one-time key, there's also no risk of transmission of infection. I don't want to be without Medikey when I'm at work.


Irene E. Leifsdottir

Nurse, 24 years' of experience


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